Personal Bandana

The duo of Dave Gibson (Weird Mob, Kino Fists) and Travis Thatcher (Voice of Saturn, Space-Saver) compose pastoral landscapes one might pass on the way to a night out in the off-world as an aura of vintage Casiotones, Moogs and drum machines envelops you. Making no secret of their love for the likes of Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno, Personal Bandana’s analog soundscapes are blended with motorik Oberheim DX beats on the six instrumental tracks of [sic].

[sic] is an effort nearly two years in the making, recorded between January 2017 and August 2018 live to 8 track cassette in the basements of Charlottesville, Virginia. Aided by their trusty Casio CZ-101s, Gibson and Thatcher produce a kaleidoscope of sounds, from the Krautrock throb of Time To Rule to the ambient atmosphere of Naturlied.

Link to mp3 version + press images: