Dream Of The Video For Rarebit Fiends

Last week Weird Mob, along with Dwight Howard Johnson and Erin Lunsford, handed over songs to the skilled hands at Lighthouse Studios to use in their Music Video summer camp course, and we couldn’t happier with the video!! Dave and I met with the group producing the video for our song, Rarebit Fiends, on Monday and talked about Winsor McCay’s art and the inspiration for the song. We didn’t know whether that would play into the final product, but Elizabeth, Logan, Gabby, and Wyatt hit the ground running and created a dreamlike scenario that would’ve made Winsor himself proud! Thanks to everyone at Lighthouse!

There’s a shot of the good people responsible for this great vid at the end, so if you see them in town, give em a high five.  They deserve it!

Weird Mob – Rarebit Fiends from Light House Studio on Vimeo.