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Borrowed Beams Of Light – On The Wings Of A Bug

adambrock2_72dpi We are very excited to announce the release of the brand new record by Charlottesville, VA pop heroes, Borrowed Beams Of Light. Nearly a year in the making, On The Wings Of A Bug is perhaps the most cohesive musical statement that Adam Brock and co. have produced yet.

The record is set for a November release but you can pre-order the LP HERE and stream the album’s title track below. All pre-orders will receive an automatic download of the title track. Numbers are limited to 300 so be sure to place your order soon!

Here is Thomas Dean’s beautiful album cover art along with the tracklist for the record:



1) Songbird Bouquet
2) Four Good Eyes
3) On The Wings Of A Bug
4) Kruger Park
5) Dumbstruck
6) Dog Won’t Bite
7) A Very Different Place
8) Drawing Blanks
9) Machines
10) Getting There
11) Carry It All
12) The News
13) Belly Of A Ghost

We will be announcing some new Borrowed Beams Of Light shows in the weeks to come. Keep watching this space for details!


A Guide To Proper Foot Care

As the summer winds down Weird Mob thought it might be appropriate to cover one of their favorite summer jams, The Beach Boys classic Take A Load Off Your Feet from the Surf’s Up album. Renee, Adam and Dave all chipped in to sing this one. Check it out and heed its words regarding proper foot care!

This is the last you’ll hear from Weird Mob for a few months while Adam and Dave shift gears to focus on the new Borrowed Beams of Light record, which will be released on Hibernator Gigs sometime in the Fall! Check back soon for more details about that! Until then keep those feet away from any broken glass!

Dream Of The Video For Rarebit Fiends

Last week Weird Mob, along with Dwight Howard Johnson and Erin Lunsford, handed over songs to the skilled hands at Lighthouse Studios to use in their Music Video summer camp course, and we couldn’t happier with the video!! Dave and I met with the group producing the video for our song, Rarebit Fiends, on Monday and talked about Winsor McCay’s art and the inspiration for the song. We didn’t know whether that would play into the final product, but Elizabeth, Logan, Gabby, and Wyatt hit the ground running and created a dreamlike scenario that would’ve made Winsor himself proud! Thanks to everyone at Lighthouse!

There’s a shot of the good people responsible for this great vid at the end, so if you see them in town, give em a high five.  They deserve it!

Weird Mob – Rarebit Fiends from Light House Studio on Vimeo.

Columbus, Ohio: A Musical Odyssey

When it came time to choose where we wanted to have our first release, Songs In The Key Of Bob, pressed to vinyl, it was, fortunately, not a difficult decision to make. Musicol, the Columbus, Ohio pressing plant/recording studio, which was recently highlighted in a Pitchfork feature, was clearly the obvious choice. Musicol is one of the few “one-stop-shop” facilities left in the world, where a band can record their music, mix it, master it, and have it pressed all under one roof. It’s a real testament to the Midwestern DIY spirit and aesthetic and since that’s sort of what we were trying to capture with Songs In The Key Of Bob it just made sense.

Well, that, and the fact that they were responsible for pressing things like this: IMG_20130503_112503

That’s right, the 1993 split single from GBV and Jenny Mae on Anyway Records! Pretty rad. According to Warren from Musicol, they also pressed the very first Guided By Voices single. I have not yet been able to verify that but the fact that Musicol pressed the first single by my own Ohio ’90s indie pop band, The Cusacks, is good enough for me.

So, Renee and her Mom and I all visited Musicol on Friday May 3rd, both to check the place out and to check on the status of our records. Warren was happy to show us that we were 13th out of 13 orders ready to go before he left for his vacation! Phew! Just barely made it! Warren showed us around the building, taking us into the main studio which was built in 1966 and basically looks like what would result if your Grandpa tried to recreate Abbey Road Studios in his den – minus the bowl of Fiddle Faddle! We also came across said Grandpa, Warren’s 84 year old Dad, John, who opened the place back in 1966 and still works there to this day, cutting a master for an electro-ambient-drone record, listening to the same spot over and over again to make sure everything sounded right.

The highlight of the visit was a trip into the basement of Musicol where the actual vinyl is melted down and pressed and where the labels are baked in a giant pizza oven. Here we came across a basket of discarded vinyl, awaiting recycling:


The Musicol dudes were hard at work pressing the new Man Or Astroman 7″ on orange vinyl and Warren poured some of the vinyl beads into our hands:


Later he grabbed a still soft and hot glob of orange vinyl, wrapped it in a paper towel, and handed it to us to take home. It’s since hardened into a nice paperweight:


We also got to see the sweet labels designed by Thomas Dean, awaiting baking in the giant pizza oven. It was pretty rad to see them all stacked up and to see the final colors:

IMG_20130503_112326 IMG_20130503_112332

It was awesome to see the inner workings of the place and we even got some free T-shirts out of the deal. Thanks go out to Warren and all the Musicol dudes for their hospitality and hard work on our project!

Later that night we played a show at the Tree Bar in Columbus with our buds Kyle Sowash and Sam Craighead. We played some Weird Mob jams, some Hilarious Posters tunes, a Loud Family cover, and some Cusacks songs. My old Cusacks bandmate, Travis Kokas, even got up to sing a song with me:

R&D Tree Bar 005 R&D Tree Bar 008 R&D Tree Bar 018

Now we’re back in Virginia, gearing up for the big Songs In The Key Of Bob release. And if you’re wondering how the finished product looks, we got them this past Friday, they look sweet, and you’re definitely gonna want one…possibly two or three:

IMG_20130517_183827 IMG_20130517_183700

Remember you can stream and pre-order the comp here! Looking forward to getting these things in your hands! See you all soon!

– HG

This Is Only A Test!


The test pressings for the Songs In The Key Of Bob 7″ have arrived and they sound great! Thanks to Warren and the dudes at Musicol! We can’t wait to see and hear the real thing!

This Friday, April 26th, two of the bands who appear on the comp will be playing together at Random Row in Charlottesville, VA. It’s the Left & Right “93” EP release part and Borrowed Beams of Light and Girl Choir will be opening the show! Check out the sweet flier made by Thomas Dean and Marie Landragin:


Borrowed Beams of Light have been busy this month! Here’s a video of the band playing an acoustic version of “Rewind” from the debut EP last Saturday at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg as part of an event organized by Speakertree Records:

This weekend the Beams will be heading into the studio to begin work on their forthcoming full length which will be out on Hibernator Gigs Records sometime later this year! Watch this space for more details! See you all soon!

– HG


April Borrowed Beams Shows & Some Press For Songs In The Key Of Bob

If you’re a Virginia Borrowed Beams Of Light fan then you’re in luck, as you’ll have several opportunities to catch the band at various places throughout the state in April. Here is a list of the places you can see the Beams do their thing in the weeks to come:

4/5 – Artful Dodger in Harrisonburg, VA (part of MACRoCK showcase)
4/13 – The Garage in Charlottesville, VA (acoustic show for Tom Tom Fest)
4/20 – Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA (acoustic show for Record Store Weekend, hosted by Speakertree Records)
4/20 – Rivermont Pizza, Lynchburg, VA
4/26 – Random Row Books, Charlottesville, VA (opening for Left & Right)

Also this month work will begin on the upcoming Beams full length which we will be releasing a little later this year! Watch this space for more details!

In other news, we’re happy to announce that the upcoming Songs In The Key Of Bob 7″ comp has been getting some press. You can check out some blog posts about the comp on Ashbees’ Fragments and Here Comes The Flood. Of course you can still stream the comp on our Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages and order it here.

We’ll be dropping some news about some new videos and a new podcast pretty soon! Until then, see you at the Beams shows!

– HG